Like USB sticks, flying, sports, shopping, but mainly people, definitely people.

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People are annoying. Like sometimes really annoying.

You know it, I know it, there is no use in feeling guilty about it. Have you been outside? Have you seen the people?

Having a positive mindset all the time is an unrealistic aspiration. Sometimes we need to release all that negative…

Anyone can do it with time, patience, and a lot of love.

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Disclaimer: psychedelic mushrooms, are illegal in most countries. Excepting Denver, Colorado and Oakland and Santa Cruz, California, possession of psilocybin and psilocin is illegal in all of the United States.

The selling of mushroom spores is legal except in California, Idaho and Georgia, but for the purpose of growing psychedelic…

Showing empathy is increasingly important for leaders. Science suggests that psychedelics could help.

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Improvement. We all seek it.

As leaders, whether that's as the CEO of a multi multi-million dollar company, a middle manager, or just a regular Joe, we all want to be better.

Today’s leader not only has to be strong, visible and decisive, they increasingly need to be empathetic.


Professional development fails to address issues of race in the classroom, be yourself and let your students fill the gap

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‘Sir does it bother you that you are like white, and we are like…. all black?’

Teachers get bombarded with questions every day. How long until the end of the lesson? When do we get to go on a field trip? Sir, can I slap John he’s annoying me?


N.J. Elliott

Writer. The war on drugs, mental health, education, psychedelics, and others.

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