Like USB sticks, flying, sports, shopping, but mainly people, definitely people.

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People are annoying. Like sometimes really annoying.

You know it, I know it, there is no use in feeling guilty about it. Have you been outside? Have you seen the people?

Having a positive mindset all the time is an unrealistic aspiration. Sometimes we need to release all that negative emotion. Well, in the appropriate safe space and without the use of violence of course.

There is a lot of advice on Medium and 90% is total crap. I know, I’ve written some of them.

‘7 ways to be amazing’

‘How to build the life you always wanted’

‘How I…


A positive mindset and a comfortable environment go a long way

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Cast your mind back to a time in your life when you were really happy. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face as the muscles in your face contract and you smile big.

Close your eyes and focus on that memory.

Look around.

Where are you? Who is with you? How do you feel?

Positive experiences in life, be that an amazing gig with friends or a quiet walk along the beach, often have two things in common; a beautiful location and a positive state of mind.

In other words, positive experiences are highly dependent on our ‘set’

Anyone can do it with time, patience, and a lot of love.

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Disclaimer: psychedelic mushrooms, are illegal in most countries. Excepting Denver, Colorado and Oakland and Santa Cruz, California, possession of psilocybin and psilocin is illegal in all of the United States.

The selling of mushroom spores is legal except in California, Idaho and Georgia, but for the purpose of growing psychedelic mushrooms is also illegal.

This article is for information and harm reduction purposes only. The publisher and author of this article do not condone the purchase, possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substances.


This is a guide to grow psychedelic mushrooms from the safety of your own home in…

Barbers are closed for the foreseeable future. Can I really cut my own hair?

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One aspect of life on lockdown is the inability to get to the barbers. Unless you were fortunate to have had a haircut not long before our lives were consumed by COVID 19, it's likely your hair is out of control.

So what do I do about my hair? Do I just let it grow? Can I really cut my own hair? Can I trust my partner/father/sister with a pair of scissors and a 20-year-old hair trimmer?

Now there is a reason we go to the barbers. They do a remarkable, highly skilled and underappreciated job, so do not expect…

A new publication for psychedelics, mindfulness and the war on drugs

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Welcome to Entheogen!

There is not one place I have found on Medium to home stories commonly curated under psychedelics. Whether that is due to sensitivity around their legality, I don't know. I do know from experience many publications are wary of the topic.

I have managed to get just one article published in the ascent but numerous others have been rejected and since deleted. One article of mine was uncurated despite being tweeted by the Beckley Foundation and bringing in thousands of external views.

This publication will house my articles on psychedelics and is open to other writers also.

What is Entheogen looking for?

Showing empathy is increasingly important for leaders. Science suggests that psychedelics could help.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Improvement. We all seek it.

As leaders, whether that's as the CEO of a multi multi-million dollar company, a middle manager, or just a regular Joe, we all want to be better.

Today’s leader not only has to be strong, visible and decisive, they increasingly need to be empathetic.

But what does being empathetic actually mean?

Empathy is commonly defined as “the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation.”

Immediately upon reading the definition of empathy, I think of psychedelics.

Users of psychedelics often report experiencing…

Sink, swim, or just change your perspective

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

Sometimes in life, it feels as if I am trapped and it becomes difficult to see beyond my immediate environment. I look out the window and see the grass and the trees. Yet there is so much I can’t see.

What's above, what's below, what's behind me through these walls?

I move forward and the same problem remains, after all, I only have one set of eyes.

Life is often like a fish living in a goldfish bowl. You can go up and down, out and across, but you are still stuck within the bowl. You succeed, you fail, you…

#1 Embody your creativity.

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

I love music.

Music has the power to transform how you feel, take you to a different place and reminisce about the past.

For every individual, music can have its own meaning. That could be because you associate a particular song with a particular person. Maybe it reminds you of your partner, as it was your first dance at your wedding. You hear it unexpectedly on the radio and can't help but smile.

One of the most inspirational albums in my life is The Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox. One reason why is the spirituality of the lyrics. …

Professional development fails to address issues of race in the classroom, be yourself and let your students fill the gap

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‘Sir does it bother you that you are like white, and we are like…. all black?’

Teachers get bombarded with questions every day. How long until the end of the lesson? When do we get to go on a field trip? Sir, can I slap John he’s annoying me?

Most of the time questions are derived from frustration.

Frustration at not getting the required attention in a class of thirty children. Frustration at being stuck inside a classroom with the same people all day. Frustration that none of the lessons seem relevant to the here and now.

The best students…

N.J. Elliott

Writer. The war on drugs, mental health, education, psychedelics, and others.

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